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God is Humble – Part 2

Chris again with part 2 of ‘God is Humble’. Get out your Bible and Journal and be ready to get real with where you are at. God loves to meet us where we are, He doesn’t expect us to be at a place we aren’t. This is a part of how humble our God is – He is willing to get down to our level and bring us to where we need to be! 

Read Psalm 131  

In this Psalm David is professing to God his humility. Humility means having a modest view of your importance, or in other words being humble. Humility doesn’t mean you think bad things about yourself or that you put yourself down it means that you are able to feel happy about who you are without comparing yourself to others.  

Humility may sound bad because to be humiliated is considered a negative thing, being humiliated is not the same as being embarrassed. An example of being humiliated would be if you were on a basketball team and you thought you were the best player on the team, but one game you didn’t make a single basket. You would probably feel humiliated right? That sounds bad but what is actually happening is you are being humbled, or stripped of your pride. To think of yourself as the best player on your team means you think you are better than every other person and that is not how God calls us to feel.  

God doesn’t love anyone of us more than another so why should we feel as though we are better than others? In turn why do we feel bad about ourselves when we compare ourselves to people that we think are better?  

Being humble is all about putting ourselves to the side and focusing on others. If we think highly of ourselves Satan will just keep pushing that pride further, if we think poorly of ourselves Satan will drag us down as far as he can go. By staying humble we plant ourselves firmly in the middle and Satan can’t push us in either direction. God will call us to great places at some point but the trick to getting there is being content wherever we are.

-Chris C.


  1. Take some time to re-read Psalm 131 and write down what stands out to you.  
  2. Go back through the devotional and write down answers to the questions throughout.
  3. Thank God for His humility and that He valued us so deeply that He sent Jesus to rescue us, costing Him His own life. Pray for this kind of humility in your own life.

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