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Inner-motives – exposed

Have we committed our lives to hiding our true motives?  Have we created a culture around protecting ourselves from being honest? Do we believe that no one really likes the true us?  Are we completely convinced that the persona that we have is better than what’s inside?

What keeps us from revealing and changing the inner motive?  What keeps us from desiring to have motives that are true, lovely, kind etc.   

Is it because we have tried and failed?  We worked at it and given up?  Perhaps we were told that people don’t love the true us!

Here lies the most marvelous gift of all!   In other religions the pressure is on the person to change themselves.  Work harder, be more disciplined etc.   Once again back to behavior modification.   But this is not so with Christianity.   When we enter into a relationship with Jesus – he begins a supernatural, transformative work in our lives.  The only catch?

  • Be honest and real with him
  • And ask him for help!

Another way that this can be said is repent of your sins and ask God to change you into his likeness.  This is what Christianity is!

It is out of this that everything else flows.  We fall in love with God; we know His love; we respond to His love; we start to change inside; becoming more like Jesus; we begin to love who we are; this allows us to love others; and ultimately – be a light to the world.

Maybe we have forgotten that it starts with recognizing that we are in trouble!  That our lives are out of control, that we can’t control our inner thoughts, that we are on the verge of explosion all the time, that we would rather die than live, that it feels like all of life is caving in around us.   This is a very appropriate time to turn our eyes to God and repent (or be honest) that you can’t do this life on your own and that you desperately need Him!

We wrongfully assume that when we spend time with Jesus he somehow loves us more – not true!  Rather, we become similar to the ones we hang out with – which is why we need to be with him all day, every day!

I was always puzzled when I worked at camp.  There may be 2 kids at the whole camp who want to make trouble at the camp.  We don’t know this ahead of time, they can be in different cabins – and they don’t know each other – and they find each other within a couple of hours!  How?   And then, somehow they find someone that needs to be ‘loved’ and they take them under their wing and it could be a short while and all three begin to look the same!

The same is true for those seeking God.  Somehow they find each other!  

And as we engage with God – day by day – we also start to look the same.  Because His Spirit is at work in us. 

  • He responds to us in kindness and we in turn begin to respond in kindness
  • He reveals beauty and we begin to see beauty
  • He graciously reveals hidden motive and doesn’t just leave it there – he begins to help us become honest, real, transparent – to God and then to others.

I love Him!  He is incredible!

Even as I sit here and write this morning, I have had to stop several times because I could sense something stirring in me.  My nature has been to just push through.  But I am learning to not write those things off.  God cares far more about me then he does about this blog :).  So when there is a stirring (potential or actual) I have been choosing to stop and listen.   To wonder with God!

In the message this weekend I talked about hidden motives.  If you want greater inspiration on the subject – head over to our website or app www.youranchorpoint.com and give it a listen!

In the message I shared a list of questions I found online that help us to test what our motives truly are!  I said that I would share them – and so here they are!

1.  If no one ever knows what I am doing (giving, serving, sacrificing), would I still do it?

2. If there was no visible payoff for doing this, would I still do it?

3. Would I joyfully take a lesser position if God asked me to?

4. Am I doing this for the praise of others or how it makes me feel?

5. If I had to suffer for continuing what God has called me to do, would I continue?

6. If others misunderstand or criticize my actions, will I stop?

7. If those whom I am serving never show gratitude or repay me in any way, will I still do it?

8. Do I judge my success or failure based upon my faithfulness to what God has asked me to do, or how I compare with others?

Personal satisfactions, such as taking a vacation or winning a competition, are not wrong in themselves.  Motivation becomes an issue when we are not honest with ourselves about why we are doing things.  When we give the outward appearance of obeying God but our hearts are hard, God knows. We are deceiving ourselves and others, too. 

Our Heavenly Father craves to pour out his love on us.  He desires that we know and experience His love.  He is so committed to us that the Holy Spirit continues to remind, reveal, teach, lead and guide us to this truth.  God bless you as you continue to fall in love with our Savior.

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