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Joy is for Introverts Too

Pastor Donavan
Joy is for Introverts Too

The stories that emerged coming out of my last post were awesome!   So many people knew exactly what I was talking about!   And apparently many learned that GIF’s are one way that I can express a feeling through the medium of writing.  A bit ironic – as GIF’s are not writing at all 🙂    But a picture is worth a thousand words and a GIF – a thousand feels – Apparently!  

I do feel good watching this GIF – all morning long!  And now I am fully distracted.   Realizing that all the people aren’t actually people 🙂   This is funnier by the second.       

There may happen to be a knight that says ‘NI’!   And sister Act joined in for the ride!

Ok, I am now officially carried away!   

Time to move this to something a lot more spiritual 🙂

ps.  If looking at the GIF actually caused you to laugh out loud – I likely need to hear about it 🙂

This weekend I spoke about Joy – looking at things through the book of Philippians.  There were many things that I wished I could have continued on  – because it is such an important topic and gift that God gives to his church!

If you weren’t able to be at church this weekend – check out the message at www.youranchorpoint.com

Today I wanted to carry through on a thought that I started on the weekend.  We talked about Joy being something that we grow into.  It is not something that is hard wired into our brains – it is something that is learned and experienced!  It is something that we can forever grow in – WHICH IS SO GOOD!  Science of the mind has confirmed this!  

I am thinking that growing in joy will likely continue in Heaven as well!   It’s my guess!  Maybe our joy will be complete at that point – but I wonder if it only continues to grow.  Which causes me to wonder why we so often settle for where we are right now!  Why not press towards Joy!  Pretty sure it is really worth it!

Well, the piece that I wanted to add today has to do more with our introverts then our extroverts!  When I say in a message that one of the benefits of living with joy is more friends – some of you are like – NOOOOO!!!  I likely need to clarify the statement 🙂  

It is not the TV show that I am talking about.  More of that would be awful!

I am not saying that lots of friends equals joy!

I was articulating that joyful people typically attract more people – but lets not confuse passion with joyful!   

Joy is much more about connection – and deep connection!  The ability to genuinely enjoy someone’s company and time.   To grow in a depth of bond that causes your love for each other to BOTH grow towards each other.  Whether this is with one person or 100 people!

Clearly introverts and extroverts are different.  We get revitalized in two different ways!  One is not better then the other!  One gets energized by people and the other from time alone!    But the truth is we both need both of these things!   Because we are not just growing in a relationship with each other – but also with God!   Silence and sitting along allows us to hear God’s voice with a lot more clarity – which will ultimately make our relationships with others better as well!   

The amount of time we invest into either of these areas – doesn’t make someone better or worse, spiritual or non-spiritual  – Rather different!

So, in the pursuit of growing in joy (5 min a day for 8 months :)), don’t try to be someone that you are not.  Rather, learn who God made you to be – and enjoy who He made you to be!

story time:

I worked at a job where I heard about a new position within the organization that seemed awesome!  There were so many parts of the position that were vital to the organization I worked for.  I could see why it was so important and valuable!  

I found myself dreaming about the position – why I was a good fit, how I would fulfil the new role etc.   And then within the process someone had made a comment to me ‘off the cuff’ that rattled me.   We had talked about the role – and they had flippantly said ‘I didn’t think you would even like that kind of job – weird.’   Something to that effect!   

Well, that got me thinking about what was happening inside of me.   Yes, I could do the job.  Yes, the job was important.  No, I had never dreamt about ever doing anything like it before.

I began to change my lens.  I started looking at it differently – actually with a lens of reality!  A lens that looked at the job through my likes and dislikes.   I observed it through what would get me excited each morning.   I began to realized that many things that I was currently doing – would have to be put aside.  In fact, the more I thought about it – the more I realized that I would not like the job AT ALL!!

It was a dream.  It was something important.   But it wasn’t for me!   Often we do this!  We take on things, achieve things, want things – that perhaps we aren’t suppose to!  Things that would distract us from what we were made for!  

We compare ourselves to other ‘more Godly’ people.  We want to achieve ‘stuff’ or ‘things’ because everyone else is!  Rather who are you :)?

We know that our hearts can be deceptive.  We can have all sorts of ulterior motives – conscious and subconscious.   This would be some of the reasons why we need time alone with God – to reveal our hearts to us.   And we need time with people that truly love us – so that they are comfortable to make ‘off the cuff’ comments – where the Holy Spirit can convict us, teach us etc.

This is why growing in joy – requires people or a minimum it requires person!

And when Christians grow in Joy – we have an advantage – the Holy Spirit indwelt.  

be blessed and encouraged today!

Pastor Donavan

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