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Love Others as He Loved Us


  1. Find a quiet place inside or outside (woohoo warmer weather) to connect with God and put away anything that could distract you. 
  2. Thank God for something that you see. Whether you are inside or out, what do you see that you are thankful for? Thank Him for as many things as you can 🙂 This helps to get our hearts soft and connected to His. 
  3. Read John 15:1-12 
  4. Journal your thoughts. What stands out? 
  5. Ask God who He wants you to encourage, help or bless. What should you do for them? (Text, call, gift, note, helping them, etc.) Write it down. 
  6. Spend time praying for this person. 
  7. Go and do it! 🙂 🙂

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