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Worship Wednesday, May 13

Melinda Campbell
Worship Wednesday, May 13

The word delight is a verb. It is an action of taking great pleasure in God, to please Him or to be His pleasure. When a man’s heart is tender toward a woman, in wooing her he will want what he is, does and says to be pleasing to the woman; he is delighting himself in her. In the same way, you can be God’s pleasure.

Kelly R Baker

Good afternoon Anchor Point Family and happy Wednesday! This week I was prompted in my spirit to post something a bit different for our Worship Wednesday. There are so many ways of expressing ourselves creatively… of observing, exploring, delighting… and ultimately REMEMBERING who our amazing God is through this process of creative expression. Music has been an outlet in which I do this most often, but over the last couple of months I have found myself desiring to capture God-moments, delightful moments, JOY moments on camera, because on gloomy long days when homeschooling isn’t quite going well, countenance in our home is on the lower side, or I’m missing some of the things that aren’t part of my day-to-day right now… I need to remember.

My Soul is downcast within me; therefore I will remember you…

Psalm 42:6

Learning to Delight in the Lord for me has largely meant simply inviting Him in to the mundane moments and asking… “will you show me where you are Lord? Jesus, please be with me here.” He has met me in so many moments that would otherwise feel like ordinary life, but it’s like he gives me technicolor glasses and ignites the wonder He planted in me to see. Baking. Seed sprouts. Art. Snowflakes on kid faces. Sunrises. People walking together… all become little sparks of JOY inside, and I can move to a place of thanksgiving and praise. It’s pretty amazing to think that GOD LOVES WHEN WE DELIGHT IN THE WORK OF HIS HANDS, and I think He also. Loves. When we use our own to create for His glory, inspired by His Spirit.

SO:) This is just a little collection of delight moments, thoughts and verses that David and I put together for you today. What have YOU been delighting in? Where have you been seeing the work of His hands in your day-to-days? How have you been using your gifts and bringing Him DELIGHT?

Photos By Melinda Campbell and David Metcalfe

God be near to you all this week, and have a great long weekend!



  • Tracy Jabs says:

    Loved this journal or devotion. I especially love the “Every day I offer you the joy….” for me, during my time of grief as I grieve over the loss of my sister, I believe Jesus is saying ” I love the way you turn to me, even in your grief….” He has throughout this journey even when she was still with us, Jesus kept reminding me to take His hand and He will walk this journey with me. What a comfort that is and that all He asks is to take it one day at a time.

    • Melinda Campbell says:

      Wow Tracy, thank you so much for sharing this insight into your journey. It IS such a comfort to know we have a Saviour who will patiently and tenderly walk us through EVERY season. Peace to you as you continue to walk out the grief of your loss with Him.
      *The quote you mentioned was from The Passion Translation daily devotional if you wanted to find it again*

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