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    • General, Teaching
    • Feb 5, 2019

    Honest Journalling

    April 23, 2014 - that is almost 5 years ago - God taught me something really important.   As I was thinking about what I should write today the thought came to... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Feb 4, 2019

    God’s will!

    Since starting at Anchor Point many things have changed in my life.   Most of them I would say are for the good :).  I have learned that there... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Feb 3, 2019

    Praying with Children

    Wanna hear a secret? I am actually not a kid person. No really! I held Britt's baby just this morning and despite my “on point” pitch of... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Feb 2, 2019

    The Study of God

    There have been several times in my life where I have felt, known and experienced the tangible presence of God!  It is the most amazing and indescribable... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Feb 1, 2019

    A Table full of Strangers

    How often do our children minister to us? How often do we look for those opportunities? During our ‘Come for Supper’ event, I had the pleasure of observing a purity... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Jan 30, 2019

    A pebble in my shoe

    When I was in Israel walking on the trails of En Gedi - the place where David hid from King Saul - I was reminded of my love of shoes :).  Yes... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Jan 29, 2019

    Inner-motives – exposed

    Have we committed our lives to hiding our true motives?  Have we created a culture around protecting ourselves from being honest? Do we believe that no one... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Jan 28, 2019

    Prayer redefined!

    I love the conversation of prayer!  So often misunderstood - and nothing more important!  So lets talk about it! I have spent very little time... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Jan 27, 2019

    Photo Journal

    Yesterday I received some incredible emails and messages!  I read a testimony from someone in our church who experienced the true love of God for the first time -... Continue Reading

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