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    • General, Teaching
    • Dec 1, 2018

    Learning the Icelandic way – part 2

    1) There are roughly 5 sets of lights in all of Iceland.  And each of those lights has a long line up.  But there are 1000’s of round abouts - and there... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Nov 30, 2018

    Iceland – round 2

    Observations about the land they call ICE - round 2 The history of this Island is remarkable.  Vikings were real people :).  This is not a myth and no... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Nov 27, 2018

    Learning the Icelandic way!

    I have only been in Iceland a couple of days - and I have clearly become an expert in the Viking way already!  I know crazy right? :) What I have learned... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Nov 24, 2018

    Subliminal Messages

    Upon further reflection on last weekends message - my heart is filled with Awe and joy!! I can hardly believe that God was talking about salvation all the way back in... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Oct 25, 2018

    Back at Last

    Well, it has most certainly been a long time since I have posted anything! I HAVE AN EXCUSE!!!  I just wanted to make sure that was clear (no I wasn't yelling - it... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Mar 15, 2018

    Summer of ’69

    Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for years on end - and one day decide to go and look up the lyrics to make sure you are singing them right? And you... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Mar 3, 2018

    Prayer Within Depression and Anxiety

    AP Church Story May 24, 2017 I dragged myself out of bed and walked to my workplace. I went into my boss's office, closed the door and told him I was either going... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Feb 27, 2018

    Joy is for Introverts Too

    The stories that emerged coming out of my last post were awesome!   So many people knew exactly what I was talking about!   And apparently many learned that... Continue Reading

    • General, Teaching
    • Feb 23, 2018

    But it feels so good!

    How often do your feelings dictate your decisions? I dislike that question :)    Perhaps its because it touches a wee bit to close to home for... Continue Reading

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