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Photo Journal

Pastor Donavan
Photo Journal

Yesterday I received some incredible emails and messages!  I read a testimony from someone in our church who experienced the true love of God for the first time – and felt an immediate transformation!  Knowing they would never be the same! That is amazing!!!

I received several messages about the Chaos blog that I wrote.  The challenge and hope – of how important it is to walk through the chaos and not ignore it.  A small group in another church met to work that through together.  To be honest, to pray, to deal with their chaos’ with the Lord!  So encouraging!

The desire in writing this blog is for a few reasons:

1. Obedience to what God has asked

2. That it would propel people – day by day – to honestly seek God

I don’t want this to replace sitting with God – I desire to have it move you closer to Him!

I don’t want accolade – I desire intimacy.

What I have found in writing – is that it forces me to have a different level of meditation.  Taking truths, analyzing them, processing them, putting them to words, thinking about the reader, trying to understand the heart of Jesus through it – all of these things press me closer to God as well!

Yesterday I encouraged people to try and find the good in our society; where God is at work – and to capture it with a photo and description.

Two people sent something to me – and I want to share them with you today!  My blog will be short today – because I am also preaching this morning – so you can go online around 1pm and listen to my blog – I’ll call it a verbal blog 🙂

So here are the two that I received – and thank you for sending!  They encouraged me and I trust they will encourage you as well!  Keep sending them!

These are pictures of a tree that i used to pass on the way to work !! I would stop and take pictures and be in awe of who God is. The different seasons it went through just like me and as it stood alone in the field I often felt alone yet inspired to stand strong as I knew God would take care of me. I drove past there not that long ago and this tree had been plowed over. My heart broke a bit and I asked God why did this happen. This is what he said. Eric it looks noble to stand strong in the middle of the field and give yourself the  feeling that you can overcome anything  with the me against the world attitude and that I am your strength. There is some truth to that BUT if that is you then you have forgotten a very important part. Its about my church  and the people around you !! You NEED to get into the Forrest and get close to as many as possible !! Remove your pride and keep your eyes and heart on others !! It’s not about you standing out Its about me standing out !! Tears came and I needed to repent.

The second one that I received was this:

 Seeing God in both solitude and family.   Enjoying the whiteshell!

Alright, back to getting ready for the morning services!  Have a great day!  Enjoy the presence of God!

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