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Sharing Our Faith

Britt Andres
Sharing Our Faith

Here is a template you can use to help your write our your testimony!

My Life Before Christ

  1. What about my life before Christ will relate most to the non-Christians I know?
  2. What did my life revolve around? Where did I get my security, identity or happiness from?  
  3. How did those things begin to let me down?

How I Came to Christ

  1. When was the first time I heard about Jesus? What were my initial reactions?
  2. When and why did my perspective of Christ begin to change? An encounter or hearing from God?
  3. What were the final struggles that went through my mind just before I accepted Him? Why did I finally decide to accept Christ (or give Him complete control of my life)?

My Life After Coming to Christ

  1. How is my life different now? List some specific changes in your character, attitude and perspective on life.
  2. What motivates me now? What do I live for?
  3. Different things God has done in my life? Miracles? Hearing from God?
  4. Even though my life still isn’t perfect, how does knowing Christ help me deal with that fact?

– Britt

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