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Subliminal Messages

Pastor Donavan
Subliminal Messages

Upon further reflection on last weekends message – my heart is filled with Awe and joy!! I can hardly believe that God was talking about salvation all the way back in the older testament.  Ok, I can hear someone saying – “this was always his plan, of course it is in the older testament.” (I put quotes around it because I am pretty sure that was Jeff speaking in my head)  TRUE.   But in the construction of the temple walls of Jerusalem? – God is telling the story there?  That is mind blowing to me. 

It is almost like God is teaching the people without them even knowing?  Like a movie that has subliminal messages in it.   Remember all the conspiracies (ok many were true), where a producer would throw in a one clip of a coke can in it? But you never actually saw it?   But then we all really wanted a coke (supposedly)?   Not sure it worked, but it was a funny idea anyway.   In a similar way it is like God was giving this amazing subliminal messages to us to help prepare us for when he actually showed up.  

(I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish a secret message right now – don’t know how so I will just say – Christmas is coming – and my favourite gifts are hand-crafted:) 

Grace and Rick from our church just finished up a one month excursion in Israel.  I am not sure if you all know who they are – but if there is one thing that will come up in almost every conversation it is Israel – and they are not trying to sneak it in:)  They are passionate about this place.  God has stirred something (along with others) about this place that much of scripture is written about – and the place i was literally speaking of on Sunday.  

I think Christians in todays era – have the greatest view today of what is happening in Jerusalem.   We have the joy of knowing the scriptures (OT and NT); we have the privilege of going to the nation to physically be there; we have insight into the Jewish way of life from Jews; we have the scriptures on the internet that give us the original language translation; we have the Holy Spirit in us to teach us all things.    That is a remarkable picture or lens to look through – don’t you think?

I think we often take this all for granted – and so we spend very little time investing deep into the scriptures; understanding history; exploring the world; wondering about science etc.  Once we find our ‘career’ we so often just stay in that zone and spend the rest of our time being entertained and growing in our specific discipline.

But what if God is trying to give us secret messages (perhaps not all that subtle) of his second coming?  What if he is wanting to reveal things that are to come – by his Spirit?  

I often think about how we live and how we have become accustomed to continually filling our lives with noise!  Not really being present in the situations we are in!  Not enjoying or valuing silence! 

And I wonder if we don’t notice the Holy Spirits promptings very often because we are so distracted.

OR we aren’t present while we read the word – so it becomes a book – instead of a book that is powerful because the Holy Spirit is doing the teaching from it. 

We need to become quiet before God, silent within the chaos – so that we can hear the voice of our King.   Almost like we need to pause the TV show right on that one scene with the coke can – so that we can believe it to be true.   We need to pause and wait on God – so that we know him to be true!

Those are my thoughts!  I am about to catch a flight from Toronto to Iceland – so I need to run.

Enjoy church without me!   

Pastor Donavan

Prayer Requests:

  1. Shannon’s brothers funeral is On Sunday (tomorrow).  Please pray for them as they are already there with their family!
  2. Pray for Armann and I as we explore the land that he used to call home – desiring to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
  3. Pray for our families that are in Winnipeg
  4. Pray for the presence of God to capture the hearts of people at church tomorrow!!   Without God’s presence – why bother 🙂

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