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Summer of ’69

Pastor Donavan
Summer of ’69

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for years on end – and one day decide to go and look up the lyrics to make sure you are singing them right?

And you learn awfully quick that your ideal high school mind wasn’t clear on almost anything.  In fact, you may begin to wonder how you even graduated or if anything is actually real in your memory bank?

The lyrics to this song are very different then I remember…

Namely, I always sang about the summer of ’63.   Because clearly it was a special time for me!   I was almost born back then by a tree, as I fell on my knee – right?

1963 was significant because the Toronto Maple Leafs won their 11th Stanley Cup that year – defeating the Red Wings.

And the Tiger Cats won their third Grey cup – defeating the Lions!

Also Donald Jack won the Stephen Leacock Award!

Its the year that the Simon Fraser University was founded.

and John Diefenbaker was defeated by Lester Pearson.

No wonder I was so confused with Bryan Adams song ‘summer of ’69’.  I guess he was out of line, and didn’t see the sign that opened up his eyes…:)

Ok, some of you are clearly confused right now.  What am I writing about?

Good question.  Thank you for asking!

I was reflecting on the Bible! All throughout history, people wrote down the stories, the events, the conflicts, the struggles, the God moments, the fears, the inabilities, the dialogues, the joys etc of human existence. 

Wondering about questions of life, origin and relationships. Struggling with the church and her purposes. Wondering about creation. Thoughts about the End of time and whether poop is actually good in a garden – or just a hilarious conspiracy.

Whatever the case. People wrote down their experiences, their feelings, hopes, struggles and ultimately their stories! I can’t help but think how richly I have been encouraged by people who have taken the time to sort through their thoughts and articulate them for themselves and perhaps others to read. It has helped me to grow a lot!

Take the Bible – and it is inspired by God himself.  In fact it is the only book throughout history that is 100% accurate and truthful! God made sure of that! So much study has been put into this book to find out if it is fully true.  And the result? Without error. 

Hear me right, there are different translations that got some things wrong – for sure! But the original text is without error – fully inspired by God. I am so thankful that God wrote it all down. I am thankful that it doesn’t contradict itself.

In another religion their good book says – that if something contradicts – whatever is written last is true. THAT IS A COP OUT!!  it proves that it is human!

For me, I got a song wrong that I heard many times. It was repeated over and over as a young 16 year old driving Mom and Dad’s Buick – acting all cool 🙂  

And now, 25 years later – the words were entirely wrong. I used to be able to sing them basically by memory! But Memory wasn’t enough. Adams wrote the lyrics down, just in case anyone tried to make a wrong claim about his words.

The Bible has 66 different books in it, written by 40 different authors, from three different continents, written in three different languages, over hundreds of years, writing on hundreds of controversial subjects – and still without contradiction?

How is that possible? GOD!

The Bible is so brilliant that it reveals God’s character; proves the author must be God; its unified; its scientifically accurate (even though it is not a scientific book); it has 100’s of prophecies fulfilled; modern Archaeology continues to prove it true and to top it off it has life-changing power in its words – because it is linked supernaturally to God himself!  

Shepherds, kings, scholars, fishermen, prophets, a military general, a cupbearer, and a priest all wrote portions of Scripture.

They had different immediate purposes for writing, whether recording history, giving spiritual and moral instruction, or pronouncing judgment.

They wrote their works from palaces, prisons, the wilderness, and places of exile while writing history, laws, poetry, prophecy, and proverbs.

In the process they laid bare their personal emotions, expressing anger, frustration, joy, and love.

Yet, the Bible never contradicts itself or its main theme.  HOW?   


I have written barely a page about the Bible – and this already puts every other Holy Book to shame – comparatively.  

So, what is my encouragement to you today?  Thank GOD for this incredible book!  Read it, study it, engage in it, marvel in it, be transformed by it.  

And then WRITE!!  I figure if God wrote so that we don’t forget – we should likely write, even if it is so we don’t forget – or at best it impacts the next generations to come! 

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