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Worship… Thursday?

Melinda Campbell
Worship… Thursday?

Hello Church Family,

Worship Wednesday coming to you a bit late this week, thank you SO much to those of you that sent in for the Challenge, it was great to see faces and see how some of you were connecting with God and your families!

For this week we have an original song for you from Dan. He has been experimenting with different ways to share worship online – recording songs using software that allows you to play multiple instrument tracks and piece them together in one video. Creating is such an important part of who we are in reflecting God’s image, so thank you Dan for sharing with us! I asked him if he might share the song story with you, as it’s always amazing to hear the places creating begins, the process, how God moves in and through this… so here it is:)

There is this age old question amongst song writers – Do you start with the melody and then get the lyrics? Or do you start with the lyrics and then come up with the melody?

This is a song that came to me nearly twenty years ago. It started with neither the lyrics nor the melody, it was both at the same time. The first and only time this ever happened to me, it flowed out – stayed up all night and in a few short hours it was one hundred percent complete. No edits, no revision – just let it be.

So many times it is hard to let music and art just be. Going back countless times to change this or that and trying to perfect what you have created and in some cases, this process can ruin what you originally intended!

This song was sung for many years and then fell off the radar and lay dormant until I was going through a box of papers and it emerged again. I decided to try my hand at amateurly filming and piecing together all the parts for you to enjoy.

I always relish in the fact that we get to create! What a gift to be made in the image of the creator and to activate the gifts we have received and give back to the only one who matters. It is humbling to also think, we are created exactly as intended – each and every one, formed perfectly by design and for purpose.

So very simply – Draw me closer.


Draw Me Closer – Words and Music by Daniel Fofonove

And Whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:17

God bless you and be so near this week! Miss you all greatly…


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