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Worship Wednesday, Aug 12

Melinda Campbell
Worship Wednesday, Aug 12

Good evening church family! We are about to wrap up our series on the Psalms of Asaph, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to go back and listen to the music that was created and crafted by our very own people in response to each message. My heart is so full and in awe as I sit now and listen through them all. Most were written in a matter of days or even hours. The miracle of creating something new, a new song, new sound of worship, all so individual and yet so true to the text they were drawn from, has been amazing and humbling to be a part of.

All that wrote for this series, thank you for your hearts and for being a part of it. Lesley, Don, Dan, Becky, Chad… and this weekend we will hear the last song written By Darryl and Terrilee Friesen… every writer had the opportunity to meditate on the word in a different way. And the stories I heard of how God met them was just so inspiring and amazing. I hope you’ll listen through and I know you’ll be so blessed by these offerings. If there is one in particular that speaks to you, or if you have a word, blessing or encouragement for anyone that shared here today, please let them know or post a comment in the comments section below:)

God be so near to you this week, can’t wait to keep seeing more of you as we continue to gather.


Anchor Point Worship – The PSALMS of ASAPH

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