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Worship Wednesday, June 24

Melinda Campbell
Worship Wednesday, June 24

But as for me, how good it is to be near God

Psalm 73:28

This week, I have had more than a few God-nudges into the reminder to be present. And to enjoy the gift of the present beauty around me, and the people in my life who bring me joy; I have had many gifted moments, and I’m so thankful for every one of them.When I have felt overwhelmed, I’ve been reminded in my spirit to follow the example of Jesus, and take a few moments to retreat. The old temptation would be to retreat into myself, into my anxiety or frustration. To stew on the things I can’t control or the circumstances that are weighing… but that has never proven a fruitful place and the wrestle in my heart leads me to remembering … the call to retreat into the presence of the Lord however I can, and when He calls… I want to answer. And there I am met. Laying down the yuck and breathing in the goodness. This often looks like coming back. To the present. And asking Him to be present with me; taking a step out of my head, getting outside and breathing in the air. Looking upon beauty, so it’s stored up inside my mind and heart for the times it seems unaccessible… when it’s not an option to leave my space and go be away. Filling up my inner space with the wonder of God. The refreshing of His word. The action of my body in releasing what doesn’t belong, and the movement of His grace.

I have always loved the verse Luke 2:19 that says “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Treasuring up. Taking in. There’s a real difference between just walking through days and treasuring. And with all the chaos around, some days feel more like trudging through muck than being alive. BUT. A loving glance. A Rhema word. A sweet scent. A taste of delicious food. Smell of Coffee in the morning. A loving word from a friend. A disagreement restored. A few moments where you connect deeply with another human being. A few moments where you connect deeply with Jesus. The GOODNESS of God is woven into the fabric of every good thing, and being present in that, it’s a beautiful way to come to rest. I have a song for you today from Chad Kroeker. It’s called “Feeling Low”… what I like about this song is that as in many psalms, the author is just really honest about where he’s at. Speaking about the realities of grief and strife in his heart, the yuck that sometimes comes over us… the times where it’s hard to be present. Because the present hurts. But he turns his heart towards God saying:

“As I look beyond the cares of life I can feel your heart, feel you offer life… You lead me to the Water, sweet water, the water of life”

I pray peace over you in finding Him in all the places He may be found this week.

God bless you church family,


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