• ServicesThursday 7 pm, Sunday 9 am + 11 am
  • Location1400 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB
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Led by the Spiritseries

  • Why Pray

    As Christians we often pray the way that we have been taught. And this is really good. But have we looked in scripture to find…

    • DateFebruary 23, 2020
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen
  • Hearing is One Part of Knowing

    Let’s not get too weird about hearing God speak.  Scripture also teaches about the value of the written word, authorities and common sense!  In this…

    • DateFebruary 9, 2020
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen
  • Discerning God's Guidance

    People often ask “How do I know for sure it’s God speaking to me”? In this message we explore ways to discern Gods voice and…

    • DateFebruary 2, 2020
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen
  • How God Speaks

    There are many ways in which God has spoken to his creation throughout the centuries. Does God continue to speak in some of these ways…

    • DateJanuary 26, 2020
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen
  • Hearing God Through the Bible

    Many people read the scriptures diligently. And yet the word of God doesn’t change them, doesn’t inspire them, doesn’t impact them. God doesn’t only want…

    • DateJanuary 19, 2020
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen
  • Becoming Aware of the Holy Spirit

    Often times we want a life where we are lead by the Spirit but don’t recognize that the Spirit is leading us into the purpose…

    • DateJanuary 12, 2020
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?

    The Holy Spirit is often misunderstood. The Holy Spirit is a person that wants relationship with us!  In this message we are exploring who the Holy Spirit…

    • DateJanuary 5, 2020
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen