• ServicesThursday 7 pm, Sunday 9 am + 11 am
  • Location1400 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB
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The design inspiration for the Redeemed series was to use a cracked or “flawed” surface as the backdrop which represents these women and how they are not perfect. Through the cracks you see glimpses of gold and beauty; their imperfections are redeemed to create beauty.

  • The Story of Mary

    In this message, we look at how Mary’s life was a story saturated in surrender and how we too, can live a life of radical…

    • DateJanuary 6, 2019
    • Speaker(s)Darryl Friesen
  • The Story of Bathsheba

    • DateDecember 30, 2018
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen
  • The Story of Ruth

    This week, we focus on the steadfast heart of Ruth and how God allows sorrow in our lives to set the stage for great displays…

    • DateDecember 23, 2018
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen, Terrilee Friesen
  • The Story of Rahab

    • DateDecember 16, 2018
    • Speaker(s)Ármann Pálsson, Terrilee Friesen
  • The Story of Tamar

    A beautiful start to the series where we look at the life of Tamar and discover truths of God’s limitless redemption.

    • DateDecember 9, 2018
    • Speaker(s)Donavan Friesen, Terrilee Friesen