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  • Location1400 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB
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We desire to truly know God and to walk in His love. The impact of this relationship is that, in everything we do and everywhere we go, all those we encounter would also encounter the love of God through His people.

Anchor Point Church started as a Bible study made up of people called to begin the journey of planting a new church in Winnipeg. Pastor Al Friesen had planted many churches before, and at the core of his approach was the need to take young leaders on the journey with him. He believed in discipleship – the active leading of people towards an abundant walk with God.

In 2016, Pastor Donavan, Al’s son, came to pastor the church. At that time, there were about 30 people attending the church, all eager to follow the Lord’s plan for this church body. At this point, the church began to grow rapidly. A great diversity of people started to attend – both churched and unchurched, people who knew Jesus and many who didn’t, the hurting and the healthy. Ultimately, Anchor Point become a church for the hungry. As we have hungered together to know God and fallen in love with Him, Anchor Point has become a home to many.

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Our leadershipLeadership

  • Donavan FriesenLead Pastor

  • Armann PalssonExecutive Pastor

  • Tannis HogueCommunity Life Pastor

  • Paul KroekerDiscipleship Pastor

  • Arlene KroekerDiscipleship Pastor

  • Melinda CampbellWorship Pastor

  • Connor GerbrandtYouth Pastor

  • Sarah JohnsonDirector of Finance

  • Scott CampbellCreative Director

  • Aslaug GudmundsdottirHospitality Ministry

  • Makayla FriesenMinistry Assistant

Our visionVision

God is our Almighty and Sovereign Creator. He exists as the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God’s desire is that all people would know Him intimately and enjoy living with Him for eternity, but our sin separates us from God and requires atonement. Our response to God’s plan of salvation – that Jesus came in human form, died sacrificially for all of humanity, and rose again – allows us to live in restored relationship with God.

The Bible is the Holy Word of God, and no other book or set of writings equals its authority and importance. We take its study and application seriously. It is inspired by God, written down by humans, and is without error. The entire Bible, from beginning to end, reveals Who God Is, and His redemptive plan for all people through Jesus. By the power and the revelation of the Holy Spirit, we respond to God’s unconditional love for us through a genuine and increasing desire to live in a way that glorifies Him.

The body of Christ, or church, is the group of people on earth who Jesus leads through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Our main purpose is to worship and glorify God as the one and only true God, and to serve each other in love and humility. We are a diverse but unified group of imperfect people who seek to encourage and build each other up with our collective strengths and spiritual gifts. At Anchor Point, we seek to be a place where we can safely wrestle through and sharpen our faith together, and then intentionally live it out as we anticipate His glorious second coming!

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