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Astonishing Love

Pastor Donavan
Astonishing Love

And so it begins!  40 days of intentional growth and focus on God.   40 days of evaluating our lives with God.  40 days of growing to know God’s astonishing love for us. 40 days of adjustments in our schedules to allow us to focus on the kingdom of Heaven.  40 days of learning to rest and wait, allowing God time to reveal himself to us – over and over again!  And if that wasn’t enough – we get to do this TOGETHER.  

This first blog is to remind us why we are doing this!  I realize that there are many people who are reading this blog – who may not have been to Anchor Point the last few weeks.  So this is going to get us all on the same page!  I will try not to be too long winded!   I know its a bit of an oxymoron for a pastor to not be long winded.  But I can try :).  And if you are interested in catching the messages you have missed – click on over to our app (your anchor point) or the website (www.youranchorpoint.com).  

It is a great honor to pastor a church under the leadership of Jesus.  In pastoring, the question always seems to come back to…

”Jesus how do you see the church and what should it look like?”  

It’s tricky!  There are so many ‘versions’ of church!  What part of it is cultural, what part is biblical, what part honours God, what part doesn’t?   These are important questions – and it seems as though the Bible is not as clear as what I assumed it should be!   So what is the point of church?  What is the most important part to focus on?  What is our foundation supposed to be?

Well, when I asked this question in church the answer was pretty clear and Jesus seems to agree.  To Love God with our whole lives!!  Jesus said that ‘All of the law and the prophets’  (so basically he was talking about all of the Older Testament), could be summed up in 2 statements!  ‘You are to love the Lord your God, with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength AND love your neighbor as yourself.’   So the most important foundational piece of the church is to LOVE GOD!!  

I was certain that there must be more!  What about the orphans and the widows?  What about the children, the sick, the broken?  What about youth, cell groups, children’s church, evangelism etc.    Surely to love God doesn’t cut it for all of these people!  Don’t we need to teach how to evangelize, how to share your story, how to engage in relationship, how to be kind?

Perhaps if we just love God with our whole lives, then the natural bi-product will be that we will love others, we will be a light to the world and we will naturally testify of our relationship with our King.  Perhaps the love of God in us will cause us to love the orphan, widow, child, broken, rich and refugee naturally.  Not put on and not because we were convinced to do it – but rather we will love God with all of our being:  growing to know who we are; learning why we were created; discovering our God-given gifts and weaknesses; having the righteousness of Christ in us; glowing with the astonishing love of God through us – and we won’t have to work very hard at loving others – we will be propelled to do it by the love of God in us!! 

Doesn’t that lighten the load?  Doesn’t that make things clear?  Doesn’t it make sense that it has to be all about God and his Kingdom?  You don’t need to muster things up or try to love others.   You spend time with the creator, asking the Spirit of God to reveal to you the astonishing love of God that goes beyond your understanding (Eph 1 and 3).  Jesus knew that this would be impossible to do on our own – which is the main reason that he sent the Holy Spirit to us after his ascension.  The Holy Spirit was going to remind us, teach us, encourage us, share insight from Jesus to us and help us to experience and know the love of God in our lives.   This seems to be the Holy Spirits primary job :).  

If God believes that relationship with me is the most important thing – I AM IN!!

If I think about this too long, I get incredibly excited.  God wants to have an intimate relationship with me!  WOW!!!   Sign me up!!  

But what do I do?  Where do I start?    

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s love to you.  

Wait on God, spend time with Him, seek Him, be quiet before Him, read the Bible with God, ask for revelation, worship Him, praise Him, thank Him and wonder with Him etc.  The Holy Spirit desires to lead you right into the love of God – Because God wants a relationship with YOU!!!   There is nothing more exciting than that!   Perhaps you have never known this love before – in any form.   So when you read this you are not excited!  That’s ok – just don’t stay there!!   Seek first the Kingdom of God!  And together we can walk this road.  

So for the next 39 days – I will spend time writing thoughts, questions, opinions and experiences. I hope this will propel you into a greater love for God.  I hope to push your thoughts, challenge your opinions, encourage you to grow in the wonder of who God is and experience Gods love.  Yet this can only happen as YOU spend time with God.  My writing is to help you get started each day!  To remind and encourage you!

Please let me know your God experiences!  Share how you are meeting Him through your quiet time.  Share your challenges and encouragements.  I am eager to be spurred on as well.

Welcome aboard!  Let’s fall in love with God together!

I pray that you would encounter the love of God this week 🙂 

Please share how you are growing and if you have any questions – Please ask!  And I will do my best to answer them.

With much love,

Pastor Donavan

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