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CHAOS – part of the journey

In a culture that is inandated with noise for all of the senses, it is hard to think that anyone could ever find a quiet place to be still!   But suppose you do find a place to be quiet, a place that feels peaceful – this still doesn’t eliminate the potential chaos running through your mind 🙂

note: For some you will have no idea what I mean by chaos – and you just know peace.  That is a gift – and you should stop right now and thank God :).  And then read on – because the struggle is real!  Perhaps this blog will help you empathize with people different than yourself and possibly give you a tool to help others.  After all this is the body working together! 🙂

Often when people get to a place of quiet – they start to go crazy on the inside.  There are 1000’s of thoughts running through the brain all at the same time.  It can become so overwhelming that you are uncertain If being quiet is worth it and/or panic at the thought of staying in a place where you experience that kind of chaos.   So, many will drown the noise out with something!  We use things like:

– tv

– movies

– music

– social media

– conversation with others

– alcohol

– etc.

Anything to stop the brain from running 100 miles an hour!

I am NOT saying that any of the above are wrong – unless they keep you in a constant state of ‘never walking through’ the chaos 🙂

The world has come up with a way in which to take care of that!   Not just one way – many ways.  Ways to convince you to do anything but deal with the chaos :).  Learn how to cope, learn how to ignore, learn how to pretend – hey, maybe even become a workaholic – WHY NOT ?:)

My question is why?

Why continue to walk down the road of numbing the chaos indefinitely when you could embrace the chaos for a period of time and then walk into freedom?

There is no guarantee that you will wait on God – and then BOOM you are better!  However, in time we begin to find peace in the midst of the war.   Afterall, if you keep everything quietly screaming on the inside – it will just about kill you!   We were never made to hold that kind of weight on our own.   We were made to be fully known – so that we can be fully loved.

Most people fear that if anyone knew everything about us – they would hate us.   But that is not true.  The human race loves honesty and realness.  In fact, when others are honest it propels us to be honest – because living in the dark SUCKS!

– We were designed to live in the light – We weren’t designed to live in the dark.

– We were designed to be fully known – We weren’t designed to wear masks.

– We were designed to be in relationship with others – We weren’t designed for isolation.

So what should we do?


1. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you! 

2. Write down all the crazy thoughts in your head 🙂

– and if that is as far as you get – good on you

– you may need to have that paper beside you for a whole week – each day writing down more of the noise that is on the inside.

– but get it out from the inside

2. If you are able – share the list with someone that you trust.

– tell them you are scared to share 🙂

– If you don’t have anyone to share with – send it my way.

– And you don’t even need to deal with it – just get it out and don’t carry the load alone.

3. Ask the person to pray for you – humility

4. Spend time in thanksgiving to God

– if you can’t find anything to be thankful for at first then – stop, ask God to show you, and then start to write out a list of things.   (Ex. Things in your day, creation, family, the Bible, church, sunshine, the hope of heaven etc.)

Just don’t keep it to yourself all locked up!

If you are someone that doesn’t struggle with this – be someone trustworthy – so someone can share their struggle with you!   And if someone shares a struggle with you – listen, be kind, pray (also known as – love them 🙂

Ok, that is all I have for today’s blog – in terms of content.  


1. Do you have a story where you have experienced God’s love?   In a real and tangible way?   I would love to hear about it.  IF you are willing please take some time and fire me an email :).    Just writing it will be helpful for you as well!

2. Do you have a question that you think others might have as well?  Something that I should write about here?  Fire it my way!

Have an amazing day!

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