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Cold Morning Walk

Pastor Donavan
Cold Morning Walk

Yesterday I made the decision to go to bed early! I was filled with anticipation of getting up early to spend some quality time with God. Throughout the day I had some interesting thoughts and I didn’t know what to make of them. That was why I wanted to get up early. I was wondering about the difference between ‘putting on Christ’ and growing in character. I was wondering if we put so much emphasis on growing in character – that we forgot that it is actually the fruit of the Spirit that we want – peace, patience, kindness etc. Could one be man-centered and one God-centered? Wondering…

Well, I awoke to the alarm exhausted. I was trying to convince myself to get out of bed and begin the day. I lamented to God first thing – God I really want to get up, but I am pooped. I even went to bed early :). The thought that immediately came to mind was ‘perhaps you went to bed early so you could get a much needed sleep’. Hmmmm…perhaps!

Anyway, I slept a bit longer and then got up. As I was getting ready I was meditating on the idea of ‘putting on Christ’, and being filled with the fruit of the Spirit. God and I were wondering together!! I eventually got out the door and was met with the cold – and the knowledge that I should turn around and get some ski pants on. NAH…forget it, You home to Belair!

As I was walking – thanksgiving started coming out of my mouth. I wasn’t trying to be thankful – I was thankful. I remember thanking God for the cold air in my lungs – because I could feel. That I had nerves and that my body was designed so well that it could handle extreme elements.

I began to ask God what He meant with the phrase to ‘put on Christ’. I don’t know if I had an answer or not – but the thought that came to mind was ‘I wonder if I could help people experience Jesus this morning as I was walking to my meeting?’ Could people experience or encounter the Spirit of Jesus just throught a greeting? Could they sense God’s characteristics and His heart?

It didn’t take long before something in the dark of the morning was walking my way – bundled up completely. Maybe they had the dress code right! Anyway, as they approached I couldn’t tell if they were male or female – but I just said a simple ‘good morning’, eyebrows raised, with eye contact. They seemed a bit startled and with a voice of someone who likely hadn’t talked to anyone yet that morning – gurgled out a ‘morning’. Definitely a boy – or a girl having a really rough morning :). The words ‘momma sing base, Daddy sing tenor’… was in mind. I literally chuckled out loud thinking about the persons surprise by their own voice! And I was wondering what they were now thinking because some stranger said good morning so early in the morning! Were they in deep thought, were they in prayer, was their brain empty, was it filled up with work, stress, chaos? Who knows…but hopefully they experienced some joy and hope this morning.

I didn’t make it much further and as I was walking passed Safeway there was a lady entering the store to begin work. She was a bit out of the way – but excited for anyone to say hello to (introverts should start translating at this point – not everyone needs to do this :). And she too was surprised because she was looking down and avoiding the scary bearded man. Anyway, I said a happy good morning with the nicest ‘cold’ smile I could give – and she too was startled at first. I can pre-maturely presume it was because this scary bearded man was walking close to her (or it was early in the morning and no one typically talks), and she looked over and gave me a big smile and said ‘well, good morning!’. I responded with ‘have a fantastic day’. No further response.

I was filled with joy. Perhaps this is part of what it means for Donavan to put on Christ, or to allow the fruit of the Spirit to be released to others. I figure if others don’t initiate a hello – the least I can do is that!

Anyway, some thoughts to ponder. if you have further thoughts to add – I am always game!

enjoy your evening!

And in everything you do keep leading people one step closer to the King!

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