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Communion at home!

Pastor Donavan
Communion at home!

The Jewish Custom is to make (or buy) Challah bread in preparation for the Sabbath. The Sabbath begins at supper on Friday and ends Saturday evening.

At this time the Jews typically do no work, not even preparing food. Everything must be complete before Friday supper – so that you don’t do any work on the Sabbath and rather you get to reflect on God and his people! Keeping the Sabbath holy!

I have talked for months about having communion in our homes. It has become such a custom to participate in the Lords supper only at church! But it would appear as though communion is really important to do in our homes together as family and friends.

This is a time of making our hearts right before God! The Bible says that if we have something against someone – hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred etc. Go make it right before you take communion! God forgave us and we ought to forgive others!

What a great thing to do with family and friends. Before you break the bread and drink the wine (juice), you have a time of prayer, submission to God, praying blessing on each other – getting everything in ‘order’ – right at the start of the Sabbath!!

In causes us to be intentional with each other – but it makes for an amazing connection time with family! I highly recommend some sort of ‘practice’ in your homes where you do this. You don’t need to make ‘special’ bread – although it was our families highlight:) Just be intentional with your family and people you have over! Remembering Jesus – his death and resurrection – this is the good news for the WORLD!

I would love to take credit for that amazing looking bread! But all the credit goes to Kendra! I think what my kids loved the most about our experience – is the ripping the bread and eating the whole loaf!!

This warm bread, fresh out of the oven! I am sure they are game to have Communion (fresh bread) every week! Perhaps we will 🙂

Lastly, prayer room! Well, the novelty and the push for spending time in the prayer room has definitely settled down some 🙂

I have spent a lot of time reflecting! Wondering what God is trying to show us! There was this beautiful call to prayer in January – and you the church rose to the challenge! We learned so much during that time – didn’t we?

And now the hard challenge comes before us – a lifestyle of seeking the Lord, worshipping and ministering to him, and praying for each other! I want to encourage you to continue!! There are so many needs in our church body alone that are important to intercede for!

I have the joy of meeting with so many people in a week – and the needs are great! This isn’t all bad – this is a real joy to rise as the body of Christ! Truly caring for each other!

Thank you for being you! And if you have time to come and pray – please let me know – or just show up. Would love to have you join us! Have an awesome day

I am off to St. Aidans to preach this morning. Very excited to be preaching out of 1 Peter 1.

And take care of Pastor Dave Labdon at our church!!!

  • make eye contact
  • take notes
  • open your bibles
  • agree in speech – AMEN!
  • apply what he says


Writing that list just made me happy 🙂

Pastor Donavan

ps. 57 subscribers – 100 equals funny video!:)

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