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Funny Video – as promised

So…I was gone for a couple of days – and I came back and sure enough I had over 100 subscribers!!

So, as promised I have linked a youtube video for you!  I hope this works!!  I can’t watch this without laughing – literally out loud!!

This video was the start of a youtube channel that Makayla and I started!  Ya, we have one video, 7 subscribers – and that’s it!   So… it is now locked in the World Wide Web – forever!!  207 views!  Yep, basically famous!

This is basically me trying to speak French.  I can’t believe how this works!  I was convinced that I was saying the word perfectly!  I can’t even hear the difference (hence the problem)!  

While growing up – my parents used to speak low German in our home so that we couldn’t understand them!!  Well…we learned the basics of the language because we needed to know what they were saying.  But ask me to speak it?  Yep, same way as with my daughter!   I could never get it – so I just WING IT – and hope you get my really bad accent!

Throughout my acting career (ok, high school musicals), I could have never had a lead role!  I could never do an accent! Not even close!  So… enjoy and laugh!!!

Pastor Donavan – Sunday morning humor!

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