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Learning the Icelandic way – part 2

1) There are roughly 5 sets of lights in all of Iceland.  And each of those lights has a long line up.  But there are 1000’s of round abouts – and there were never more than 2 cars and 15 seconds to move.  That’s different from Winnipeg.

2) Wind really does exist!!  The first 3 days I was pretty sure wind was a myth.  Turns out on day 4 we got hit with a vengeance :).  We went to shore, stood on some rocks, opened our jackets and made ourselves like a parachute – and we were blown around and covered in salt water –  Quite something.

3) Icelanders typically want to leave their nation and live somewhere else – and yet they are fearcly loyal to their country and are proud to be Icelandic.

4) Swimming in the ocean in winter seems to be a pass time among seniors – in particular women.  So I think I have misunderstood the women who are 55 plus age group in our church.  I think we may need to take up winter swimming!

5) Bascially everyone speaks English!

6) Icelanders love their candy – but its not actually candy.  It’s black liquorice and pepper.  Yep, surprised me every time :). Even their gum rocks these flavours. 

7) Police are non-existent in the country.  In 6 days I saw ONE officer.  That’s it!  Now on the flip side – there are big speed bumps everywhere.   In Spanish they are called ‘Topez’ Which means – sleeping policeman.  So if you call the speed bumps ‘police’ we saw and felt them ALOT!!

8) Coffee is expensive!  And they don’t have places that actually give you a cup of coffee.  It’s more like an espresso, small drink, a sip!   I am craving some good coffee.  Anchor Point has the best coffee!  Thanks Carman for roasting our amazing coffee 🙂

9) Dogs are cute in all countries!

10) Iceland has a lot of horses!  But they are ‘farmed’ for meat!  I did not eat any of the meat – but I would have :).  They were also all ponies.  I didn’t see one full size horse!!  What I learned:  The men are big boys and the horses are small!  I think it helps keep the pecking order in place 🙂

Ok, that’s what you get!  I hope you have enjoyed the written adventure!  More to come!

Pastor Donavan

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