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Power of Scripture

Written by: Mikaela Froese
Power of Scripture


God has really been teaching me the importance and power of knowing scripture. Not that we have to have all the answers for our unbelieving friends but knowing it mainly for our own hearts! When we spend time memorizing it, reading it, dwelling on certain verses, it actually becomes like water for our thirsty, anxious souls. 

Why? Because the Word of God is alive and true. It teaches us which way to go, it is our guidebook and our foundation. Growing up I was taught that this wasn’t the case but I came to a point in my life where I needed the living water for my thirsty soul. My life was a mess and my anxiety levels were higher than ever – I knew I needed the Word to be true. I needed a guide because the world sure has a lot of swirly, broken things to offer us! One thing is certain – God doesn’t change.

What about when we aren’t sure if it’s God who’s speaking to our heart?

Look to scripture.

When we aren’t even hearing God’s voice?

Look to scripture.

When we’re feeling like God has abandoned us and nothing is going our way?

Look to scripture.

When we aren’t sure how to experience peace again amidst a chaotic season?

Look to scripture.

There is a story, proverb, or a psalm for all our circumstances. Even just to remind us about who God is and to give us some perspective.

We also have His word in our heart. When we get to know Him more and fall more in love with Him we begin to enjoy spending time with Him and we begin to actually enjoy the word!


  1. Find a quiet place to connect with God and invite God’s presence into this time with you.
  2. Thank God for where He has been faithful to you the past few weeks.
  3. Think of a situation/emotion you are facing and ask God to bring a truth from scripture to mind (A verse or story from the Bible).
  4. Read and meditate on this verse and ask God how it applies to your situation/emotion. Pray this over what is happening in your life and thank God for His truth! 

– Mikaela Froese

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