January 2, 2022

Heaven Part 2

Advent – Heaven Part II – Making Earth More Like Heaven

For so long we have thought of heaven as a place way off in the clouds. Something we can’t even grasp or imagine. But that is inaccurate – heaven is a physical place, where we eat, play, work, worship, create, explore, learn and wonder forever. Heaven is coming back to earth – to be rejoined – the new heaven and the new earth. We see the creation of heaven and earth in Genesis. We watch as God puts man in the garden – and then they are banished from it. And from there on in we watch mankind become really sick – and we observe God stepping in over and over – to move us back to restoration and the way true life was meant to be. Ending all of scripture back at the garden of Eden – restored once again. Come explore this mystery with us – Together with Jesus – making earth more and more like heaven.

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