February 4, 2024

How Bad Are The Times?

if you have read news headings in the last few years – you will clearly see that the world is in bad shape. In fact, it is likely the worst the world has ever been. At least thats what it ‘feels’ like. I hear of people longing for the good old days – but were they even good? The scripture tells us many things about the end, Jesus’ return and how we are to live today – and that is good. But what we think about the future determines how we live today. This sermon will look some stats to see how ‘bad’ the world is. We will look at some scripture to see what the Bible teaches – and we will prepare ourselves for the series and the coming of Jesus. What we discover should change the way that we live our lives forever. There is hope!

Scripture: John 14:1-3, Matthew 24:33-35, Revelation 20, Acts 2:38-47, Matthew 28:18-20, Revelation 13:15-17, 1 John 2:18-25, Revelation 1:9 (ESV)