Following Jesus

Following Jesus

Series Messages

The Gospel of Mark

  • Date July 2, 2023
  • Speaker(s) Darryl Friesen

Today we begin our new series on the Gospel of Mark. Scripture: 2 Timothy 16-17, Mark 10:42-45 …

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Mark 2 & 3

  • Date July 9, 2023
  • Speaker(s) Stuart Reimer & Dan Wall

Do we truly understand who Jesus is, and what are me missing? Allowing New to enter in, ensures that God can give us greater understanding so that we miss nothing. In Mark chapter 3 Jesus pe…

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Mark 4 & 5

  • Date July 16, 2023
  • Speaker(s) Michael Howell & Cassidy Falk

Sometimes the faithfulness of an individual is the reason for their healing, sometimes it’s God’s grace and His sovereign plan. Either way, we can be at peace knowing that His ways are a…

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Mark 6 & 7

  • Date July 30, 2023
  • Speaker(s) Jessica Davies & Daniel Funk

We are looking at what Jesus exemplified as he walked… Not What Would Jesus Do… but What Did Jesus Do? He exemplified a reliance on the Father and recognized his need for his Father. God…

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Mark 8 & 9

  • Date August 6, 2023
  • Speaker(s) Joe Voth & Abi Voth

Jesus’ actions initiated such different responses to his ministry. While his full identity remained hidden to some, it was his compassion compelling more eyes to see and ears to hear. …

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Mark 10 & 11

  • Date August 13, 2023
  • Speaker(s) Dominic Friesen & Gianna Wiebe

Jesus is the fulfilment of both the law and the prophets. What does that mean in relation to Mark 10? What does that mean for us? Ultimately Jesus’ fulfilment is enough. See what Jesus…

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Mark 12 & 13

  • Date August 20, 2023

Often we seek answers from God, but how do we ensure that we are asking the right questions in the first place? Throughout the Gospels we see Jesus being questioned time and time again, and …

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Mark 14 & 15

  • Date August 27, 2023

Mark chapter 15 continues Jesus’s journey to the cross, and finally the tomb. It highlights the sufferings of Jesus for our salvation, and wonderfully illustrates the real manifestation of…

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Mark 16

  • Date September 3, 2023

Today we come to a close of the book of mark. It is our call to action. After all the ways we have observed our Saviours life – he commissions us to carry on the mission – ‘His…

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